When I’m designing a new collection, it isn't just the jewellery and the pieces that I think about, it's important that I can imagine the aesthetic of the whole campaign.  Making sure every part of what I deliver to you is luxurious and beautiful. 

I love  creating, and it  feels just as creative to think about the model photo shoot or how I might display my pieces for the product shots.  It is also important that I work with the best people AND that we have fun.

For this collection I wanted you to feel as if you were being transported to a warm climate, as if you were in the jungle or you had your feet in the sand, creating a feeling of escapism from the long, cold winter. 
LUCKILY, I found the perfect place.
It's one of my favourite places, and somewhere I visit all the time,  the Botanic Gardens in Dundee, which is run and owned by the University of Dundee. It has everything I was going to need for my photoshoot. 
We set up in the hot house, which offered us shelter from the spitting rain and a little bit of warmth which was very welcome!
This was my first time working with the photographer Chloe Sidey and model Rosa, I love that my job can sometimes feel independent and yet it offers me the opportunity to meet lots of other amazing, creative people.  
Before shoot day, Chloe and I had shared photography mood board ideas on Pinterest and discussed the aesthetic of the shoot.  On the day she set to work - she's a natural, and  instead of it feeling like work, the day felt as if Chloe, Rosa and I spent the morning having a girly day and putting the world to rights.
Rosa (the fantastic model) is a mum of two,  we know each other from the school gates. She kindly agreed to model for me after I awkwardly approached her one busy, school morning  on route to drop off.  It’s really hard to ask somebody to be a model without sounding marginally creepy- luckily she said yes.
Whilst I am  instrumental  in the planning of the shoot,  When I get there I have to  let go of control and be part of a team.  Chloe set to work straight away whilst I changed jewellery looks in between shots  and took videos on my phone for social media. Rosa did her thing, and was amazing - I’m sure you’ll agree. 
I have made a short reel of us at work behind-the-scenes for you to watch here.
And here are a selection of the amazing images Chloe has taken.
You can shop all of the jewellery in these looks on our online shop now
Let me know what you think of the latest campaign. J x