Mother’s Day Your Way!

You will know already that at Paper People I like to support all the amazing work that you're doing as busy mums. 

My giveaways focus on ‘shouting out’ and ‘bigging up’ all the super mums that you know.  For Mother’s Day this year,  I wanted to take this appreciation one step further. 

I want you to consider what the flight attendants say to you when you are shown the in-flight safety briefing…”if the oxygen masks fall from the compartment above, put yours on before helping someone else with theirs”, I mean what kind of selfish, A-hole do you take me for Sharon? BUT maybe Sharon has a point, a point that you listen to on an aeroplane but nowhere else in your life, sometimes you can help others more by being self-focussed first. 


This Mother’s Day I am helping you do just that - you will do something to make yourself feel good AND then pass the good vibes forward and celebrate a friend you know that needs a high five.
They say, what goes around comes around, I like to believe that. Perhaps you call it karma?  Or maybe you're just a downright good egg, who likes to make someone else feel good.
If that’s the case, you are going to enjoy this Mother's Day offer.


For the next two weeks (7th March - 26th March) I am offering you the chance to treat yourself to a piece you’ve had your eye on for ages but felt too guilty to buy and AT THE SAME TIME giving you the chance to gift it forwards. Letting good karma come right back to you (something I thought you would all appreciate in these Covid times).

Tell someone you miss them, that you are thinking of them or that you are sending them positive vibes- we could all do with that kind of support!


How the offer works

When you order a piece of Paper People jewellery that you deserve for being such a damn good human! You can also picks a piece of Paper People jewellery for your bestie absolutely FREE


  • Simply pick a piece from the collection for yourself and your friend via our online shop
  • Enter your details for the delivery address
  • Then enter the code: MUMKARMA in the discount code box.
  • A nice gift message for your friend (I will pop it on a card inside the order).
  • Your friend’s postal address for delivery.
  • Which piece is for your friend.
Now you just have to pick an amazing mama you know - who will be your lucky friend?
I look forward to creating some good karma with you!
Jane x