The hidden workload of the holidays and childcare juggle
Easter holidays are fast approaching, which means the kids will be under your feet for two whole weeks and you’re stressing about what to do. 
Should you take the time off work?
But what about that deadline you need to hit, and that meeting that’s been in your calendar for weeks? Plus, Sam from your team has also booked that week off and you don’t want to leave them short-handed. Having said that, you also enjoy your job and want to be seen to be giving it your all. 
Should you put the kids into a holiday club?
It’s official, childcare costs are ludicrous. Does it really cost that much to supervise a bunch of kids while they kick a ball around? But do you really want to palm your kids off on strangers for the week? You barely see them anymore as it is; what with school, after-school clubs and play dates with their friends at the weekends. Managing your kids’ schedules is a full-time job in itself!
Should you just let them play on their tablets and watch TV for the week? 
But what if they tell their friends - or worse still, their teacher - that all they did for the week was play video games and watch telly? At least you’d be able to crack on with your work and keep an eye on them to ensure they’re not up to mischief, while keeping costs down. 
News flash
There’s no right or wrong answer. The important thing is to find a solution that works for you. Don’t feel that you have to do the same as your friend or colleague – everyone is different. 
Just because Karen from down the road has a whole week of fun activities planned for her kids, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. 
Mum guilt
As mums, we’re often too hard on ourselves and compare our parenting styles to the ideal pictures we see painted on social media. 
The truth is, no one is a perfect parent, so don’t feel guilty about the decisions you make. Mums have a built-in mode to always have their family’s best interests at heart.
But what about what you need? When was the last time you had a day to yourself to do what you want to do and not worry about anyone else for a few hours?
Give yourself some slack and don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re a fantastic mum, but if you need to lower expectations for a week or two, do it.