Valentine's Activities - Let's Focus on the Experience

Valentine’s day  is a bit of a funny one, forcing a romantic gesture sometimes doesn't feel authentic, and it all feels like a little too much added pressure.

Instead, I like to take events in the calendar such as Valentine's Day as inspiration to create other memorable moments, that's why this Valentine's Day I thought you might appreciate something fun to do with your family,  get the kids involved and create a feeling of love at home this year.

I have a whole Pinterest board full of wonderful kids craft activities, you can find it here.

I thought it would be helpful to select a few from my boards that you can try.  I don't know about you but I would love to receive any of these from my children.  Let me know in the comments below which one you will try and don't forget you can send me a picture of your finished pieces on Instagram.  I'd love to see how you get one. 

 Hand-sewn Valentine's cards

I love the look of this one- you could be really methodical or just let the kid's go bonkers with it! The more wool the better.

All you need is some card, a needle and some colourful wool. 

Plus it's a good one for improving hand-eye coordination and motor skills. 


Homemade Loveheart Coaster

These look really satisfying to make. I love the texture and with some considered paint selection these could sit happily at home on your coffee table.

My favourite thing about this craft idea however, is that it is made from pulses you will probably have hiding in the back of your cupboard. All you will need is a selection of dried pulses, some cardboard (I'm sure you've got a couple of old Amazon boxes kicking around somewhere), some glue and some paint.

A way for the kid's to show their love!

You know how kids like to be centre stage, of course you do, well this is a great way to put them there and have them feeling super engaged with this craft activity. I love how low-tech it is- anything that can be made from a bog roll tube is a winner in my book. 

All you will need is a toilet roll tube, some paint, paper and a photo of your child which you can cut out and stick on. Simples!