As a busy mum have you ever felt invisible? Are you a motivated person and the reality of motherhood and it’s huge workload has left you feeling worn down?

Do you find yourself re-thinking: 

- where can I go today (with naps, baby changing and the rest)?

- what is my role now? 

and most importantly,

- who am I?! 

I am here to celebrate mothers who want to feel uplifted, inspired and appreciated. I do that by helping you nurture yourself and invest in the person behind the role of  'mum'.

Jewellery can be a symbol of self-gratitude. When you become a mother it can suddenly feel as if you are invisible. I create jewellery so that you can discover what autonomy means to you. As you grow with the responsibilities of your role as mum, my jewellery helps you to celebrate your power and new sense of self.

It is my passion to build your confidence and bring joy to mums all over the world by creating jewellery that makes you feel good and as a result encourages you to do great things.

I had been privileged enough to have never noticed the gender inequality that exists in our society, besides everyone's obsession with making girls wear pink, when I became a mum I was suddenly at it's mercy. I felt the pressure to be everything to everyone and to make it look easy. 

I am happy to report that I survived the sleep deprivation, endless guilt and fear that I was doing it ALL wrong to the point that I thought it would be a good idea to have another. It was a handful but knew I was made of strong stuff. Expressing myself through making and wearing jewellery has connected me to this inner strength. 

I have always loved making, some of my earliest memories are of creating things at my granny's house out of old boxes and endless sellotape. I have always been driven by my passion to create, which led me to study Jewellery & Metal Design at the University of Dundee. I've now been making jewellery professionally for over 10 years. 

In this time I have worked with EMI Records, Harvey Nichols and The National Gallery London and had my work worn by celebrities including Brit Award winning artist Emili Sande, Love Island host Laura Whitmore and Dame Emma Thompson. 

Then lockdown hit, I was suddenly reminded of all the pressures mums face and how selfless we are taught to be. It was at this moment that the idea to create Paper People arrived. I was so passionate about empowering other mums to know their worth by making jewellery that makes them feel like a million dollars!

The Paper People collection does this by using strong shapes and natural inspiration to inspire you and ground you in the same moment. Putting your jewellery on adds an element of bad-ass energy to your morning routine.

The collection includes affordable luxury pieces which are lovingly created using a combination of handmade and carefully sourced elements, which are then hand constructed by me in my studio in Scotland.

My pieces are trend aware and can be worn everyday. They feature strong materials so that they can be worn with confidence even when they are tugged and pulled by tiny hands.

When you choose Paper People, you are choosing to become who you want to be, something only you can do.

So, say it with me, “There is more to me and I am ready to shine!”.

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