Brighten up your day, the Paper People way!

Because let's be honest it is probably gonna be a long, tantrum, spillage and crumb filled kind of a day!

I'm Jane,

Founder of Paper People,

lover of badminton, the outdoors and donuts (specifically sugar ring).

I'm learning everyday how to navigate the uneven terrain of motherhood whilst making jewellery that makes you feel prioritised, stylish and confident.


It is my passion to re-ignite your sense of self, post-baby.  I am here to help you:
- celebrate the woman you are, beyond your role as a mum.
- express yourself through the jewellery you wear
- feel confident in the new woman you are becoming as your body changes and priorities shift
Motherhood has thrown you into a whole heap of unknowns. You miss sleep, your body and your ability to ‘nip’ anywhere. You are exhausted and for a lot of mums it can be a pretty lonely time. You begin to feel like you might be invisible. 

My Story

I started Paper People because I felt invisible.

I'm a mum of two daughters who I love more than anything in the world but I found myself asking, who am I? That’s when I realised I had forgotten that I have needs too.



When you're pregnant everyone wants to know how you're feeling then once you've had your baby they want to know how your baby is doing and slowly over time you realise that you don't  show up as much as you used to. 


I realised that while some days I felt alone, it turns out that most mum's across the  world are feeling the same. 

So I wanted to start a jewellery brand that does two things: 


1. It makes you feel good.  I love putting my paper people necklace on at the start of my day. It is my way of feeling like I've made a conscious effort for myself.


2. I wanted to make it just for mums so that you realise that you are part of a bigger whole. We are the village that we so desperately need to raise your children. I also want to normalise tough parenting days, saggy boobs and endless mum guilt.


Making it easy for you to feel great when you are super busy is my inspiration. I’ve created jewellery that is easy to wear and easy to love and I am offering a selection of colours and shapes so that you can be creative and express yourself too. 


I'm passionate about making it accessible, so every piece of the collection is priced under £50.

 Since launching Paper People in 2020, I have been able to work with so many amazing mums to help give them a much needed boost. I look forward to you joining the gang!

Paper People jewellery received some amazing press too:


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